Case Studies

The case studies below show how others have benefitted from partnering with Lucrotec.

INDUSTRY: Print Media


CLIENT: National Print Media

A nationally known, and publicly traded, media publishing giant engaged Lucrotec’s intelligent Supplier payment platform, Lucrotec APeX, to improve organizational profitability and operational efficiencies associated with a dozen national and local newspaper publications.

National Media Publishing Giant Reports Improved Payment Revenue and Reduced Payments Processing Costs with Lucrotec APeX™


In a time when print media is continually challenged by expanding electronic news sources, media publishing companies continue to face mounting financial challenges. This fact, coupled with the Client’s legacy payments processing, led the Client to perform a Lucrotec Supplier assessment in order to evaluate how Lucrotec APeX could benefit the Client.


After evaluating the publishing company’s historical Supplier payment data, Lucrotec determined that the Client had opportunities to expand cashback revenue. Specifically, the assessment identified opportunities to increase the number of vendors paid by card programs, and that Lucrotec APeX could deliver increased card rebate percentages.

Leveraging the Supplier information provided by the Client during the assessment process, Lucrotec APeX confirmed each Supplier’s preferred payment method and credentials.


As predicted, the implementation resulted in Supplier card acceptance rates exceeding 50%. In addition, card payment percentages exceeded those previous experienced by the Client. In combination, these improvements created significant increases in recurring monthly revenue from card cashback programs. In total, once live with Lucrotec APeX, the Client benefited with:

  • Increased monthly recurring card program revenue

  • Reduced check writing costs

  • Lower ACH and wire costs

  • Optimized payment security

  • Improved payment processing

  • Increased payment accuracy

  • Expanded payment reporting and awareness

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