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It’s All About You

Lucrotec Surity delivers increased payment security and maximum new revenue. Because of our proprietary technology and tremendous financial network insights, we are able to consistently deliver payment precision like no one else. Because we meet Suppliers where they are today and don’t bother them with new forms to sign or new processes to implement, our card acceptance rate is the highest in the industry. It’s easy to get started. Just ask us. Learn More

Lucrotec hosts on secure AWS

Security & Protection

When making enterprise payments, it’s vital to ensure security at every point along the way. That’s why Lucrotec maximizes use of single use cards (also known as virtual cards). Single use cards are the most secure B2B payment method available. Additionally, Lucrotec has all the expected certifications and are experienced in satisfying your enterprise’s security requirements. Learn More


Out of the Box

Relationships with Suppliers are some of the most important relationships a company can have. We get it. Because our methodology is Supplier friendly, Lucrotec Surity is able to quickly and precisely determine each Supplier’s preferred payment option. Unlike big bank programs, Suppliers keep their existing processes and don’t need to change anything to receive Lucrotec payments. That means timely payments without having to interrupt or contact individual Suppliers. It’s for certain. No one has more payment versatility than Lucrotec. Learn More


Lucrotec Surity with Franklin

Inside our payment platform, Lucrotec Surity, is proprietary technology – an operating system that makes everything possible. We call it surityOS, Franklin. surityOS is the AI and machine learning we have tuned, enhanced, and developed to generate highly secure payments and record-breaking rebate revenue. Learn More


No Disruption to Cash Management

Lucrotec Surity delivers secure payments and maximizes new revenue to clients. Because of our proprietary technology and tremendous financial network insights, we are able to consistently deliver payment precision like no one else. While most bank card programs have Supplier participation rates of less than 25%, you can expect over 50% of payments to be card payments with Lucrotec Surity. Of course each Client and Supplier is unique, and results may vary. It’s easy to get started. Just ask us. Learn More



We realize that the CFO and her team are busy with many tasks and priorities. Our payment solution, Lucrotec Surity, is not disruptive to the AP process. In fact, your cash management processes are not affected in any way when you choose to partner with Lucrotec.  Learn More


Every Day

Inside our payment platform, Lucrotec Surity, is an advanced operating system called surityOS, Franklin. With Franklin, our payment platform is so effective and efficient at optimizing Supplier card participation and rebates, we’re able to provide our services at no cost to the Client. Learn More


Our Priority

We get it. CFOs have a lot going on, as do their treasury and AR/AP teams. Our #1 goal is peace of mind for the CFO, and we help to achieve that by helping the CFO increase payment security, improve AP effectiveness and grow new profits from Supplier payments. That goes a long way towards peace of mind. Learn More

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